Recording, Distribution and Promotion Consideration



Atlas Star LLC, Atlas Star Records and Atlas Star Entertainment are in search of ambitious candidates who are looking for opportunities and careers in show business. Below are the breakdowns of what positions are available, a brief description or outline of what’s involved and what responsibilities each position requires. 

First, Atlas Star-the alternative indie pop rock jam band- (Atlas Star LLC) are the only artists currently signed to Atlas Star Records. They are a group of musicians who underwent many changes and adopted many professional skills to be qualified for representation by Atlas Star Records and Atlas Star Entertainment. Atlas Star founders, Joe Gallagher Jr. and Christian Carroll have 4 albums of original music recorded, mixed and mastered by Atlas Star Records and The Hit Masterz. They have booked shows at festivals, The Whisky a GOGO in Hollywood, California, The Bluebird Café in Nashville, Tennessee and The Hard Rock Café in Myrtle Beach plus many reputable venues in their hometown of Charleston, SC. Co-Founder, Joe Gallagher Jr. was in contention for a 2019 Grammy Nomination for Best New Rock Artist and Best Rock Performance and published his first novel Lumped Up: Dreams To Die For. They have a professional and regularly updated online presence, they have professional representation, they have high quality images and videos.  They have merchandise available for fans to purchase and while they’re in the process of booking appearances and tours, they will be the house band at Atlas Star Studios where weekly auditions are held for label consideration and reality show casting. Click the "Party Animals" tab in the menu to get registered for casting as a contestant.

Available roster consideration with Atlas Star Records is as follows: 

Signed Artists- If chosen, artists will receive free production, distribution and promotion of their first album. Atlas Star will be entitled to 50% ownership of publishing royalties. Afterwards, if the artist chooses to stay with the label, a reduced rate for future services will be incorporated.  Atlas Star will cover some promotion and advertising costs and some manufacturing costs in exchange for 50% of net profit.  


Label registration