Atlas Star is not only a new Alternative POP Rock band but it is also a very unique, multi-faceted, entertainment company. Founded by 2019 Grammy Award Contender, Joe Gallagher Jr., his wife Ryan Gallo-Gallagher, and Violin Sensation Christian Carroll, Together, they have written a novel, started Atlas Star Records, they are producing a new reality show called Party Animals and are looking to establish a team of professionals to acquire an even bigger presence while continuously expanding.

We want to release some information to those following the new show Party Animals coming out soon on the Atlas Star network then possibly on Netflix.

Party Animals serves two, maybe 3, purposes. 

Atlas Star Records is using Party Animals to look for talented singer/songwriters for now, until we’re ready to book full bands, to offer a record deal to.

The show Party Animals and income generated by Atlas Star will help us donate to 9 rescue
charities. Dorchester Paws BAC Penny PAWS Waters Edge Great Dane Rescue, Inc. Eunoia Rescue Lowcountry Lab Rescue Lakeside Animal Rescue Southern Paws Animal Rescue Carolina Coonhound Rescue

The premise of the show is first, a series of auditions at Atlas Star Studios behind Bizzie Bee on 78 in Ladson. Once an artist and their team of 5 are chosen, they will have 4 weeks to plan a charity event with a $2500 budget. They have to make at least $3750 at their event to move on to round 2. Every round the budget increases. If the teams throw 5 consecutive, successful event, they’ll be rewarded with a record deal and $50k, to use for a Grand Finale where they get to keep all the money. 100% of all the previous round’s bankroll will be split among the rescues.

To watch all the behind the scenes footage and the full episodes as they come out, we ask for a $10/month subscription fee where 50% goes to the charities and the rest will be used on producing advertisements and covering operating costs. 

Tickets to be in the studio audience and for special events will be available soon. General admission tickets will be $13 and that will pay for your membership to the Bizzie Bee and Atlas Star Studios. There will also be VIP tickets for $50, which will give you your own bartender/server, 2 free bottles of liquor and possibly a keg of beer. 

So whether you want to see everything live or watch from your house, we have two options available. Memberships for spectators are on sale NOW! Go to